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​Projects 2014

Here are some of the projects in witch our team has been involved in the construction process.

​Sverige, Høkerum: Cattle farming, 2800 m2 New Building

Norge, Ås: Agricultural University, 4000 m2 New Building

Norge, Øvre Surnadal: Cattle Farming, 1100m2 New Building

Norge, Spydeberg: Cattle Farming, 1050 m2 New Building

Norge, Brønnøysund: Cattle Farming, 865 m2 New Building

Norge, Birisstrand: Cattle Farming, 940 m2 New Building

Litauen: Idavang: Renovation and maintenance team tasks for Idavang farms.

Danmark: Byllerup Bov Pig Farm, 3500m2 New Building



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